About Us


Hafiz Engineering is one of Pakistan’s top diesel and gas generator repair and maintenance experts. We offer a complete service from diesel and gas generator maintenance and repair and also maintenance of stand-by generators, to fuel management.

Hafiz Engineering activity is diesel and gas generator repair and maintenance on the other hand it conjointly provides a systematically specialized service entirely committed to generators that hold new and used generator.

Our services include secure mobile power generators repair and conjointly give a full gas and diesel generator repair and maintenance service for customers. We tend to even have a spread of recent and used generators for sale, along with diesel generators, and gas generators and that we will provide any new and used generator to your requirement.

Hafiz Engineering is primarily based in Pakistan and has large expertise within the generator industry. The corporate is a non-public company that permits itself to be amazingly resourceful. It provides a routine service that may mold to its customers exact wants for common profit.

We offer generators in size from 1 KVA-Megawatt.  All suits the most current European Community Environmental Standards for exhaust releases, fuel potency and pollution. We offer Generators once testing for safety, correct operation, and energy testing ahead of time.

Regular inspections on generators are critical, we offer load bank rent services to envision the effectiveness of generators to make sure their accurate operating conditions which might extend the lifetime of them. Decision US for recommendation.